We look forward to helping you with your hiring process.

JB Screening, was founded with a vision. We want to provide client focused background screening services that help our clients. Our team is committed to a core set of values that define who we are and how we do business. We hire, manage, and coach to these values. The result is that everyone on our team is aligned to provide an outstanding experience for you.

Janie Wilcox, President and Owner

As the President and Owner of JB Screening, Janie Brings years of experience hiring and managing employees across several industries.

She holds an Advanced Certification from the Professional Background Screening Association. PBSA is a professional organization whose objective is to provide background screening companies with resources and educational opportunities.

Additionally, Janie holds degrees in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, and a Certificate in Project Management.

Janie Wilcox, President and Owner

Our client focused services eliminate most client tasks associated with the process and includes client support at your fingertips. JB Screening, also offers a unique pricing approach that provides a high degree of transparency, with no surprises.