Solutions for Your Business

JB Screening provides employee risk management solutions that specifically address the unique characteristics of your business. After reviewing your C/AP™ analysis we not only consider concerns and risks inherent in your industry, we also consider the size and scope of your organization, the level of resources that you can commit to the process, and the competitive environment in which you recruit.

This is a partial list of the specific industries and organizations that we serve with custom solutions specific to their circumstances.

attach_moneyFinancial Services

Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Acts restricts banks from “employing any person who has been convicted of any criminal offence involving dishonesty—a breach of trust—or money laundering, or has agreed to enter into a pretrial diversion or similar program in connection with a prosecution. A comprehensive background check can serve as reasonable evidence of the institutions due diligence in complying with such rules.” Mortgage Loan Originators are also subject to the SAFE Act and rules promulgated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The National Credit Union Administration restricts their regulated entities in the same fashion.

The solutions provided to this industry by JB Screening include not only the standard local, state and national criminal data bases searches, but include searches of 150 other criminal and regulatory indexes, including The Office of Foreign Asset Control and enforcement action indices of Comptroller of the Currency.


Many successful retail companies rely upon a significant number of younger, part-time employees. The turnover rate is high; so is the risk of irresponsible or damaging behavior. For these establishments, we provide cost effective solutions that manage the most critical risks. Such as discounted search packages that consider the age of the candidate. There is no benefit in paying for a seven-year search on a twenty-one-year-old candidate since crimes committed as a juvenile will not be disclosed in most states. We offer drug testing, with or without THC, to help clients further increase their confidence in the people they hire.

verifiedTitle Insurance and Supporting Vendors

John Bethell was the founder of JB Screening Partners, Inc., and brought 30 years of experience in all facets of the title industry. In his own title business, he carefully considers the business implications of employing a team with access to millions of dollars in fiduciary funds and hundreds of thousands of pieces of non-public personal information. Although John is no longer involved with JB Screening Partners, Inc., his initial involvement has left us well versed in the security and risk management concepts required in the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices pillars.

Our standard title industry solutions package, which was created with John’s influence, includes different levels of screening appropriate for every team member in your company and every independent contractor that your company employs or hires.

restaurantRestaurant & Food Services

Successful restaurants provide a great experience to their clients. They hope the experience will result in those clients returning again on another day and that they will also recommend the restaurant to their friends and family, post a favorable Yelp review or Facebook comment, and make you a favorite on Open Table. Much like the retail sector, the restaurant business is characterized by high turnover and a preponderance of part-time and younger workers. Oversight is difficult in such a fast paced dynamic environment. All the more reason to be confident about the people you invite to be the face of your establishment.

Restaurants are organized into distinct front stage (customer facing) and back stage (kitchen) teams. The appropriate screening package is different for each group. Also, the business office and management team, adds a different level of risk consideration. JB Screening provides a matrix of different searches and research options including criminal checks, employment, and education verification, driving records and drug screening. You’ll be more confident about your team and how they represent your brand.

devicesInformation Technology

Information Technology roles are common in almost all companies today. In a smaller company, the IT role might encompass just a part of an employee’s overall duties. As companies grow larger, the IT function will become full-time and eventually shared as the primary role of many team members. And if your company is actually in the IT business, everyone shares that role. Credential verification is important to confirm that your candidate will actually be able to do the job. Employment verification is important to confirm that their experience is as represented.

JB Screening provides solutions that confirm the important representations that are the foundation of your hiring decision. In-depth criminal searches increase your confidence that yours and your client’s data and intellectual property are safe. Post-hiring monitoring solutions address the risks inherent with a work force that is fulfilling their role outside of the normal office based environment.

local_hospitalHealth Care Services

For compliance reasons many in the health care service industry obtain a criminal background check, a check of the Office of Inspector General exclusion list, and checks of state Medicaid exclusion lists as well as license, education and employment verifications. In order to remain in compliance with the rule prohibiting dealings with an excluded individual, it is necessary to monitor contractors and employees on a regular basis.

JB Screening Provider Check is a solution JB Screening provides that meets the unique screening and monitoring needs of the health care industry. JB Screening Provider Check is a search of more than 1300 Direct Primary sources from all 50 states. The search exceeds the OIG’s best practice requirements for screening excluded parties. When combined with a thorough criminal background check and multi-purpose verifications suite, clients are confident in both their candidate selection and their on-going compliance processes.

volunteer_activismVolunteer and For-Profit Organizations Working with Children or other at-risk populations

The principals of JB Screening actively support the non-profit community in Indiana where we are located. Many of the most vulnerable people in our society are supported exclusively by non-profit organizations. Even the very best managed non-profit organizations have limited resources to devote to volunteer risk management.

JB Screening provides a wide variety of screening and monitoring solutions at discounted prices to non-profit entities. After we coach the organization through a C/AP™ analysis, we’ll recommend a package of solutions appropriate for the role, risks, and resources of the organization.