What is your C/AP? – Your Confidence/Anxiety Profile?

JB Screening - What is a Confidence/Anxiety Profile?

Before we conduct a single background check for you we’ll have a conversation about your company, your employees, what keeps you up at night, your opportunities and organizational strengths.  Through a series of questions we will help you discover your C/AP. Then knowing your C/AP, we’ll recommend a level of screening that properly balances the competing priorities of thoroughness, timeliness, and investment. You may decide that you need several different levels of screening because of the diverse risk among different positions.

Thoroughness: The depth and breadth of background checks varies widely across the industry. A basic search including county, federal, and national criminal records suffices for many situations. The more unsupervised the employee is or the more access the employee has to yours and your client’s personal information or assets, best practices require more due diligence. After we know your C/AP, we’ll recommend the appropriate screening parameters and help you understand what you’re getting and not getting.

Timeliness: All reputable screening companies will be able to provide you with their “average” turnaround time for their products – usually expressed in terms of “X to X+ days”. The reality is though that when a potentially adverse matter needs to be confirmed at the source, much of that is outside the control of the person that you’re dealing with. The confirmation is being handled by a remote employee in the jurisdiction where the record must be checked. Or the majority of the time the confirmation is being referred to a court runner who is an independent contractor. JBSP’s Zero Backlog process ensures that any matters returned to us by 4:00 p.m. EST, will be reviewed and added to the report before we leave for the evening. These matters are not left for the next day.

Investment: What you pay us for a background check is only one component of your overall cost. Additionally you incur the cost administering the process ─ both from an operations and compliance perspective. If your candidate doesn’t wait out the process with you, you’ll incur not only the costs of potentially starting over but the cost of the delay in filling that role in your company. Our Zero Backlog and Accuracy Commitment processes help to minimize your soft costs of including a background check in your hiring practices.

Once we’ve decided on the best solution that fits your C/AP we’ll begin a client onboarding process. If during the first 10 days starting from when you order your first report you are not satisfied with JB Screening for any reason, let us know. We’ll refund you 100% of your fees paid.