How do we approach employee background checks?

Hiring the right person can be exhausting. The right people are hard to find. The effort that goes into assessing our needs, recruiting candidates, interviewing them and then interviewing them again is time-consuming. For the most part we get it right in the end. We consider the qualifications. We listen to our gut and choose the right people. Not everyone we hire works out. But the few that don’t, pale in number to the ones that we never afforded the opportunity to in the first place.

The business environment in which we now operate is characterized by more risk and compliance than any time in history. Business risk comes from hiring someone who is not who you thought they were. Legal risks come from being negligent in how we conduct our hiring. We incur regulatory risk from not following the rules. Client relationships are at risk if we can’t demonstrate to them our compliance and best practices. And if your candidate accepts a competing position before you’ve completed your process, you may have to start all over again. An effective pre-employment criminal background check is an important risk management component of the today’s hiring process. It helps us feel more confident that we’ve hired the right person.

JB Screening starts with the belief that you’ve hired the right person. You need to conduct adequate due diligence on the candidate and manage all of the business, client, legal and regulatory risks. But you’ll find that most of the time that you have in fact hired the right person. Our processes work to ensure that you only need to consider adverse matters that truly affect your candidate.