Help to identify the risk in your business

Through a series of questions we’re going to get to know you. What your business is like. How you supervise your employees. What employee risks are inherent in your business. It’s not a three minute conversation followed by a product recommendation and a price quote. It’s a longer conversation that seeks to help you discover where your strengths and vulnerabilities are and helps us discover how to help reduce or eliminate those vulnerabilities.


The competitive market for good employees

We understand the competitive market for good employees. Your best candidates will have choices. They’ll have alternatives. They may even have multiple job offers. Sometimes their decision will be to sign on with whoever completes the due diligence process first. As a partner in your hiring process JB Screening internally will complete tasks the same day they’re assigned. We manage our vendors and other activities outside our immediate control in a deliberate manner with agreed upon expectations. Our automated processing system gets your order started quickly, possibly even by your candidates themselves. The system is integrated with all of our major vendors so that much of the routing back and forth takes place automatically. Our Zero Backlog policy ensures that your reports aren’t waiting in a cue at the end of the day.


JB’s Transparency

We’re transparent. There’s no single all-inclusive data base of criminal records. Effective background checks are a compilation of information from a number of sources. After reviewing your needs and C/AP, we will recommend a solution that balances the thoroughness you need, the investment that you can afford and the time it takes to complete a search. We will tell you what our search covers. We will also tell you what it doesn’t cover.