You should always know what your background screening reports cover and what they do not cover. There are many variables to effectively searching public and private data bases and their indexes. How accurately the indexes are created and then verified is one consideration. How much data is returned or eliminated by configuring search parameters is another. These factors determine the thoroughness of reports and the prices that screening companies charge. You can be confident that JB Screening will accurately represent our products for what they are.


JB Screening’s computerized production system was selected after conducting an in depth search for a platform that offered the best combination of client experience, safety and automated processing. Our system supports a paperless workflow process, is SOC 2 (Type II) compliant, and is customizable down to the client level. Our candidate invite feature captures information directly from your prospect greatly reducing potential key stroke error and the time it takes to get an order started. A number of integrations already exist between our system and the most popular applicant tracking systems. If you’re looking to move from work arounds to work flow, our system will meet your needs.


The principals of JB Screening have over forty years of providing a highly satisfying customer experience in a dynamic, fast paced environment. The team at JB Screening is committed to a set of core values that define who we are and how we act. We hire, manage and coach to these values. The result is that everyone on our team is aligned to provide an outstanding experience for you. When everyone is the right person great things happen!